Procurement Law

Procurement Law

Dianati & Klink Larsen provides advice on all aspects of procurement law, be it tenders for building and construction projects, goods or services.

We advise businesses as well as the contracting authorities on all stages of the tender procedure, and we also conduct litigation concerning violation of the public procurement rules.

We have extensive experience providing advice to Danish and international businesses that require highly specialised legal assistance in an area where deadlines and quick actions are often decisive for the outcome of a tender procedure.

Our services include:

Assessment of the obligation to tender, also in connection with changes to contracts already concluded

Advice on calculation of threshold limits

Advice on the choice of procurement method, including any possibility of a competitive procedure with negotiations

Quality assurance of the tender documents

Quality assurance of pre-qualification questionnaires

Quality assurance of tenders

Advice on ESPD

Advice on disqualification/disqualified advisers

Advice on exclusion and selection of businesses

Advice on evaluation of tenders, including assessment of evaluation reports

Advice in relation to framework agreements and mini-tenders

Advice on how to handle reservations, control bids, the stand-still period and deadlines for complaints/appeals

Assistance in relation to requests for access to documents

Complaints before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement

Legal proceedings before the ordinary Danish courts

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