About Dianati & Klink Larsen

Højt specialiseret advokatfirma målrettet bygge- og anlægssektoren med et full service advokatfirma i ryggen

About Dianati & Klink Larsen

Dianati & Klink Larsen is a leading top-tier construction and real-estate law boutique powered by a full-service law firm, enabling us to provide full legal services of the highest quality.

Highly specialised

Our attorneys are highly specialised and internationally recognised among the leading attorneys in construction law and other legal disciplines aimed at the building and construction sector. We are ambitious for ourselves and for our clients and aim to provide legal services of the very highest quality.

Full service

We are a highly specialised niche law firm powered by a large full-service law firm. Aumento is among Denmark’s large-sized law firms and represents comprehensive expertise in virtually all legal disciplines. We have shared facilities, including IT platform and support services, with Aumento, and our attorneys cooperate across various legal disciplines with a view to offering quality solutions to our clients within all legal fields. Thus, despite being a highly specialised niche law firm, we are able to assist our clients with any legal issue through our cooperation with Aumento.


Dianati & Klink Larsen Advokatpartnerselskab ( CVR-nr. 44287668), er organiseret som partnerselskab og etableret på Ny Østergade 3, 1101 København K. Alle advokater er beskikket af Justitsministeriet/Civilstyrelsen og er en del af Advokatsamfundet. Alle advokater har tegnet ansvarsforsikring hos HDI Danmark, policenummer 156-08654435-14012 med en dækning på 50 mio. DKK, og har stillet garanti hos HDI Danmark efter de regler, som Advokatsamfundet har fastsat. Ansvarsforsikringen dækker uanset hvor advokatvirksomheden udøves.


Dianati & Klink Larsen is dedicated to sustainability both in the firm's operations and as inspiration for employees and the community. Our mission is to achieve short and long-term goals and contribute to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We integrate sustainability principles into our practice as legal professionals. We specifically focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 7, 8, and 12 by promoting quality education, sustainable energy, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production. This includes investing in employee development, pro bono work, energy efficiency, advising on renewable energy, inclusive employment policies, financial counseling, CSR consulting, and legislative compliance. We strive to actively support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through our initiatives, contributing to a more sustainable future. Read more about our CSR policy here.

Bank details

Jyske bank

Vesterbrogade 9
DK-1780 Copenhagen V

Client account

Account number: 7134-1133560
IBAN: DK2971340001133560

Invoice payment

Account number: 7134-4428769
IBAN: DK1771340004428769


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